International and National Research Projects
I'm involved, or have been involved as project leader, work package leader or otherwise in a number of national and international projects. This is a preliminary list, which is a work in progress.

, Sensor Networks for Public Safety, Commit Programme
SWEET, Sensor Tweets, this proposal won a competition of over 35 submissions during the Commit kick-off meeting and was awarded a prize of 100.000 euros to realize the demo
SI4MS, Sensor Information for Mobility Systems, IIP Mobility & IIP Sensor Networks
WHM, Wireless Health Monitoring, Interreg Euregio Programme
Sensor Vest, ICT Labs Connected Textiles
Urban Safety, ICT Labs Digital Cities of the Future
Urban Localization, ICT Labs Digital Cities of the Future
@HA, At Home Anywhere, NWO project (finished)
TEAHA, The European Application Home Alliance, EU FP6 (finished)
iLand, Opportunistic communication, Artemis (finished)

Although not a project as we know now, I designed many years ago (1980s)
WPplus, the first Dutch scientific word processor that ran on a Z80-based microprocessor, later the 8086. WPplus has been the standard at our university for many years and was a commercial success outside the university.
It was also one of the very first results of research that was commercially exploited in our faculty. It earned the university license fees in excess of 300.000 Dutch guilders. At that time valorization of one's research was considered unscientific and actually frowned at. How times can change...
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