Paper requirements

Layout & Contents

In order to minimize the effort to create the proceedings, it is imperative that all papers comply to the Word or LaTeX template as given on the Blackboard site (Course Materials). On Blackboard you can also find (Course Information > Beoordeling) the criteria for the assessment of the paper, the criteria for accepting/rejecting papers and the marking procedure.

Colored Text & Links

Participants should remove all colored text and (underlined) hyperlinks from the document. These include colored references to paragraphs and literature references, colored and /or underlined hyperlinks and similar text items. Only text items which are intensionally underlined, for instance to draw attention to, may stay underlined. All text must be in black.


Since the proceedings will be printed in grayscale, the participants should take care that the images they produce are clearly readable without colors.

PDF Creation The papers have to be submitted in PDF format. Besides the layout itself, it is important that a correct conversion to this format is done.

First, the paper size of the PDF document must be A4. Not complying to this, will result in a paper which is printed smaller then other papers in the proceedings. The most common cause of this is when the PDF writer has the paper size Letter as its standard setup. The participant should check this setting when writing the PDF file. For Windows, this can be done by selecting the 'Adobe PDF' printer when printing from MS Word, selecting 'Properties', after which the following screen is displayed:

The 'Adobe PDF Page Size' selection box should read 'A4'.

For other operating systems, make sure to embed all the necessary fonts in your PDF.