Track D: Information Management

Please notice
This track is only for BIT students; Computer Science students can not enroll in this track.
Information is used for business almost in every aspect. Therefore, high requirements are often stated for information systems regarding their availability, reliability, continuity, controllability, inter-operational compatibility, flexibility and maintainability. Additionally, information must be accurate, complete, relevant and valuable. Consequently, we have to meet such questions as: How do we manage information systems development projects? How can we solve an emerging business problem by employing an information system? How do we evaluate an information system from the perspective of its applications or performance? All those are not only the task for the specialists of information systems management, but also the task for all levels of managers and all functional areas of business. The objective of the Information Management track here is to be a platform for you to exhibit your interesting and new research results in IM. The research could be theoretical, empirical, experimental, design science, and policy-oriented. We welcome papers in dealing with any one of the following topics (and see some examples as bullets mentioned).
Suggested Topics
- Management structures, leadership and governance of information systems.
- Information systems and service architecture.
- IT portfolio valuation and project assessment
- IT adoption and change
- Organization and people oriented systems development methods.
- E-health adoption & diffusion.
- Coordinative systems in value chains and logistics
- Services and the Internet
- Internet related information systems management.
- Social media & information services business models, development and exploitation.
- Information governance
- Knowledge, data and information governance.
- Detecting information errors and information auditing.
- IT project management
- IT project and portfolio management.
- Global software projects and tools for their management
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